Danny Fluker

Baltimore Ravens lineman D.J. Fluker has allegedly been a repeated victim of domestic abuse, according to police documents. Fluker has had a long-term relationship with Kimberly Davis. They have a child together.

Davis was arrested on July 13 after she allegedly punched Fluker in the nose.

You can learn more here: https://foxbaltimore.com/sports/baltimore-ravens/police-baltimore-ravens-dj-fluker-a-victim-of-domestic-violence

You can read excerpts from the report below. My comments and suggestions follow.

Here’s what I noticed:

  • This is an objective and professional report. The details are excellent. But it’s wordy! Police officers are busy men and women. Reports should be concise.
  • The officer already recorded the address, date, and time. It’s a waste of time to repeat them in the first sentence of the narrative. That’s an outdated report writing practice.
  • This officer is another outdated usage. “I” and “me” are fine professional words.
  • Advised is the wrong word for this police report. Fluker told the officer what happened. “Advised” means counseled.

Here’s a more concise version of the report:

I met with Danny Fluker. He told me he was arguing about events on social media with his girlfriend, Kimberly Davis. She struck him in the nose with her closed fist. This was not the first time she assaulted him. I saw dried blood coming from his nose. I did not take pictures.

I met with Jacob Rice, a close friend of Danny and Kimberly. He lives with them. He saw Kimberly strike Danny. He filled out a witness statement.

I met with Kimberly Davis. She told me she poked Danny in the nose during the argument. She was angry because he said she was a bad mother to their child, Kasrielle Fluker. She did not mean to cause harm or injury. Her fingernails could have accidentally scratched his nose and caused the bleeding.

Danny and Kimberly have lived together for three years and have one child in common.


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