A Botched Police Report

Today’s post is about a mistake in a police report that led to serious consequences. It’s a good reminder to take some time to review each report before you submit it.

In Louisville, Kentucky, a driver named Joseph Luckett was driving drunk and crashed into another car, killing the driver. But the police report mistakenly stated that the other driver was drunk. Nobody caught the mistake, and a judge lowered Luckett’s bond from $100,000 to $5,000.

Luckett had a previous criminal history. But his attorney pointed out that Luckett wasn’t at fault, according to the police report, and the judge agreed. Luckett posted bond and was released.

Police spokesman Sgt. Lamont Washington later said the arresting officer made a “clerical mistake in the narrative of his citation.” You can read the entire story here.

Anyone can make a mistake! Always check your reports over before you submit them. An officer who’s tired after a long shift can easily get a fact wrong.


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