What Information Is Needed?

Here’s a summary I saw recently on an online police bulletin board. I have two questions for you:

  1. Can you spot a vague word that needs to be more specific?
  2. What other information would you need if you were writing a police report?

11:58 p.m. – Caller reported a woman had kicked in his front door, damaging the frame. The woman fled as police arrived but was contacted a short time later. She admitted to being angry and kicking the door in. She was also intoxicated and only 18 years of age. The woman was charged with Intentional Damage to Property and Minor consuming/possession of alcohol.

The word that concerned me was contacted. It could mean knocked on her door, made a phone call, or sent a telegram or an email.

Here is a list of other information you might need to include in your report:

  • Name and address of the caller
  • Name and address of the suspect
  • How you identified her
  • How she got away – on foot? in a car?
  • How you know she was intoxicated
  • Whether she was searched and what was found
  • How police contacted her 
  • What she said to police
  • Medical attention she needed
  • What the caller said about the incident
  • The name of the officer who arrested her, read her rights, and took her to jail


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