A Defense Attorney’s Point of View

Your primary goal as a law enforcement professional is to learn how to think, react, and behave like a police officer.

But it’s also useful to know how other professionals think – especially the ones who might be looking for holes in your police reports.

You can click here to read a short post by an attorney who reads police reports in order to help clients win cases.

He makes a useful point: If, say, an accident victim is unconscious, of course that person’s viewpoint will be missing from the police report. How can an officer conduct an interview with someone who can’t hear the questions?

But that means important information might be missing from your report. Consider talking to an EMT or witness at a crime scene and including their information in your report. If there’s a court hearing that additional information could make a huge difference.

It’s important to remember that something you miss during a busy shift can open the door to a court case.

Defense lawyer in court


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