A Look Back at Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is a wide receiver who was recently signed to the New England Patriots. But there are problems. Although Brown is involved in a sexual assault lawsuit, he didn’t tell the Patriots about it before they signed him. (Brown is not involved in a criminal case.) You can read more here: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/antonio-browns-camp-knew-lawsuit-was-coming-but-heres-the-reported-reason-why-they-didnt-tell-the-patriots/

This is a good opportunity to look back at a police report involving Brown. On January 18, 2019, the mother of one of his children told police about a fight between her and Brown the day before. No charges were filed. You can read the reports at this link: https://deadspin.com/here-are-the-police-reports-from-the-domestic-disturban-1832400256

I always encourage officers to read as many reports as possible. Ask yourself these questions: What parts of this report are effective? Would I suggest any changes?

I’m going to make two comments about this report.

1.  The paragraph below includes the officer’s thinking and conclusions – something not ordinarily permitted in a police report:

Antonio Brown

The officer explains why he couldn’t act on the allegation of battery – it had happened the day before. Usually an officer won’t give a reason for a decision. He also says that the woman admitted that Brown asked her to leave. Admitted is an admission of wrongdoing. Said would be a more objective word.

Perhaps there’s a good reason for the subjective language in this report. In general, though, reports need to be as objective as possible. The officer is acting as a pair of eyes and ears: no thoughts, conclusions, or reasoning.

2. The report is sometimes too wordy. Here’s an example: “By the complainant’s own volition, she stood in the doorway.” The report could simply say, “She stood in the doorway.”

Here’s another paragraph that could be more efficient:

The complainant then stated she wished to ‘cancel’ her report and stated she just wanted to leave without creating the complaint,” the report said. “The complaining was advised that Hollywood police would be authoring a report. The complainant left the police department at that time.

Here’s a more concise version:

The complainant said she wished to cancel her report and leave. I told her Hollywood police would be writing a report. She left.

Overall, though, this report is a detailed and accurate account of what happened. It shows that the situation was handled with courtesy and professionalism.


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