An Incident at Publix

On July 19, Georgia lawmaker Erica Thomas claimed that she was threatened by a man who thought she was misusing the express lane at a Publix supermarket. No charges were filed.

You can read the story and the police report at this link:

The report is worth reading: it’s well-written, objective, and thorough. What’s especially noteworthy are the steps the officer followed to investigate the incident. He interviewed the two people involved, and then he talked to other store employees and customers who had seen what happened. The investigation also included looking at surveillance video.

This report might be a good one to review with cadets or new officers.  It demonstrates:

  1. how to perform an investigation
  2. how to report information from several sources

It’s refreshing to read a police report with no jargon! The report consistently says “told” and “said” rather than the annoying “advised.” Well done – and well worth reading.


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