The Courtney Irby Police Report

On June 20, Courtney Irby was arrested in a Florida police station. She had gone into her husband’s home, removed two weapons, and taken them to the police department. She told the officer that her husband had been abusing her. A judge had said that her husband could not own any weapons. Because the police hadn’t removed the weapons, Courtney decided to turn them in herself.

There is a huge controversy about whether she should have been charged with a crime. After five days in jail, she was released on bail. You can read more here:

You can read the police report here:

Below is a sample. I think it could have been written more efficiently (a boon to both the writer and anyone who needs to read it). There’s no need to write the date, time, and address – they already were typed into the form. Courtney’s statement could be written as a timesaving list. You can scroll down to read my version.

On the above date and time, I responded to 450 south Broadway (Bartow Police Department) in reference to a domestic aggravated battery. The victim (Courtney Irby) advised the following: She and the defendant (Joseph Irby) are married with two children in common and have resident together as a family unit in the past. She and the defendant were attending court today in reference to going through a divorce. After court the victim and defendant engaged in a verbal altercation. The victim arrived to her vehicle and attempted to leave the courthouse. The defendant followed behind her in his vehicle and began ramming his vehicle front bumper into the back of the victim’s rear bumper. He then began screaming and yelling at her. The victim told me that the defendant ran her off the roadway a few times, while she was making contact with the Bartow Police Department Dispatch via telephone. Affiant observed scratches on the victim’s rear bumper. The victim was uncontrollable crying and advised that she was in fear for her life. She also stated that she has had serval restraining orders on the defendant in the past. 

Here’s my version:

I responded to a domestic aggravated battery. The victim (Courtney Irby) told me:

-she and the defendant (Joseph Irby) are married

-they have two children in common

-they have been living as a family unit

-they were in court today about their divorce

-they argued after the court hearing

-Courtney tried to drive away from the courthouse

-Joseph followed in his car

-he rammed his car’s front bumper into her rear bumper

-he screamed at her

-he ran her off the road a few times while she was phoning the Bartow Police Department

-she was afraid Joseph might kill her

-in the past she had several restraining orders against him

I saw scratches on Courtney’s rear bumper and heard her crying uncontrollably.

          Courtney Irby


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