The Kellen Winslow Police Report

Winslow Kellen is a former NFL player who played for Cleveland, Tampa Bay, New England and the New York Jets. He has been convicted of raping a homeless woman in California, and there are other charges as well.

In 2013, Kellen was caught masturbating in a car in New Jersey. You can read the story here:

You can read the police report here:

It’s an effective report about a complicated situation. The officer didn’t witness Kellen’s sexual behavior but did see plastic drug containers and plastic bags in the car. Tests later showed that the bags contained synthetic marijuana, and Kellen was arrested for possession.

The report deals first with the masturbation issue: “I observed Mr. Winslow wearing dark colored sweatpants and two open containers of Vaseline on his center console but his genitals were not exposed.” (The woman’s statement appears later in the report.)

Then the report covers the plastic containers and Winslow’s answers to the officer’s questions.

The report is thorough and objective. The officer used active voice through most of the report. One notable example is “I patted Mr. Winslow down for weapons with negative results.” Bravo!

But later in the report there’s a string of passive voice sentences. “A written consent to serve form was signed by Mr. Winslow.” It would be simpler to write “Mr. Winslow signed a written consent to serve form.” It’s odd that many officers automatically switch to passive voice in the last paragraph.

And there are two examples of police jargon throughout the report: advised (which should have been “told”) and observed (“saw” is a more efficient word).

Overall, though, it’s an excellent report.

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