Scenario 3 ANSWER

Here’s a report based on the scenario you just read:

At approximately 3:15 a.m. on [today’s date] I was dispatched to the Gardenview Motel at 3:15 a.m. I spoke to the night manager, Johnny Price, who told me he heard screams coming from Room 107. One of the motel guests also called the front desk to complain about loud voices coming from room 107. When Price went to check, he heard two women screaming. He went back to the front office and called police.

At 3:28 a.m. I walked toward room 107,and heard a woman’s voice inside the room scream, “That money is mine!” I knocked and identified myself as a police officer. I stood outside the door waiting until 3:34, when a woman (Lynda Graves DOB 3/12/78) opened the door. I heard  a flushed toilet filling with water.

I went inside and saw two other women sitting in chairs near the desk in the room: Dee Slenska (DOB 8/11/80) and Carol Chakiris (DOB 2/5/80). All three women had bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils.

I saw Graves start walking towards the bathroom and told her to sit in a chair. I saw Chakiris running her hand across the top of the desk and told her to stop. I saw small amounts of white powder and used a tissue to wipe them up. I put the tissue into my handkerchief and placed it in my pocket. I went into the bathroom and saw a clear plastic bag floating in the toilet bowl. I retrieved it, wrapped it in my handkerchief, and put it in my pocket.

I called for a backup. When Officer Mason arrived, I searched Graves and found $522 in cash in her purse. I searched Slenska and did not find any suspicious items. Officer Mason searched Chakiris and did not find anything suspicious. I arrested the three women for possession of a controlled substance. I submitted the plastic bag and tissue to the Evidence Room.

2 thoughts on “Scenario 3 ANSWER

  1. serenity Zientek

    In the second to the last paragraph.
    It stated
    ” I put the tissue into your handkerchief and place it in my pocket. ”
    I don’t understand is there another officer there and who?


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