Practice Writing a Report: Scenario 3

This is a Type 3 scenario. Write it as a report, and then click here to compare your answer to a completed report.

You are dispatched to the Gardenview Motel at 3:15 a.m. The night manager, Johnny Price, heard screams coming from Room 107. One of the motel guests called the front desk to complain about loud voices coming from room 107. When Price went to check, he heard two women screaming. He went back to the front office and called police.

At 3:28 a.m., as you’re walking toward room 107, you hear a woman’s voice inside the room scream, “That money is mine!” You knock and identify yourself as a police officer. You stand outside the door waiting until 3:34, when a woman (Lynda Graves DOB 3/12/78) opens the door. You hear a flushed toilet filling with water.

When you go inside, you find two other women sitting in chairs near the desk in the room: Dee Slenska (DOB 8/11/80) and Carol Chakiris (DOB 2/5/80). All three women have bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils.

You see Graves start walking towards the bathroom, and you order her to sit in a chair. Chakiris is running her hand across the top of the desk. You tell her to stop. You see small amounts of white powder and use a tissue to wipe them up. You put the tissue into your handkerchief and place it in your pocket. You then go into the bathroom, where you see a clear plastic bag floating in the toilet bowl. You retrieve it.

You call for a backup. When Officer Mason arrives, you search search Graves and find $522 in cash in her purse. You do not find any evidence when you search Slenska. Mason searches Chakiris and finds nothing. You arrest the women for possession of a controlled substance. You submit the plastic bag and tissue to the Evidence Room.

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  1. Manny Hernandez

    Assignment/ Arrival:
    On 01/25/2016, at approximately 2000 hours, I was assigned to work uniform patrol at the Greensborough Sheriff’s station. At approximately 0315 hours, I was dispatched to the Grandview Motel Located at 12345 Hood Street to investigate a disturbance in room 107.
    I arrived on scene at approximately 0325 hours and spoke with the reporting party Johnny Price.
    Reporting party Interview:
    Price is the night manager if the hotel. Price told me he received a complaint of two women screaming inside room 107. Price went to check and when approached the door, she also heard two women scream. Price returned to his office and called the police.
    Contact with the occupants of room 107:
    At approximately 0328 hours, I walked to room 107. When I neared the room, I heard a woman scream, “That’s my money.” I knocked on the door and announced myself as a deputy sheriff. Several minutes went by and at 03334 hours, a woman later identified as Lynda Graves answered the door. As graves opened the front door, I heard the sound of the room toilet filling up with water. I told Graves I was there to investigate a noise complaint.
    Deputy observations.
    As I entered the room I saw two women in the back of the room, these women were identified as Dee Slensk DOB: 08/11/80 and Carol Chakiris DOB: 02/05/80. All three women had red bloodshot eyes and their pupils were dilated.
    Visual inspection of room:
    Graves attempted to enter the restroom and I order her sit on a chair as I conducted a visual search of the room. On the room’s desk, I saw a white powdering substance which Chakiris was attempting wipe off.
    Evidence collection:
    I ordered her to step away from the desk and collected the substance. I used a piece tissue and a handkerchief to pick the substance off the desk. I entered the Restroom and saw I clear plastic baggie floating on top of the water in the toilet bowl. I collect the baggie for the purpose processing and evidence.

    Evidence disposition:
    The white powdery substance and the plastic baggie were submitted into the Greensborough Sheriff’s Station for processing by the Scientific Criminal Lab.
    Investigative Detention:
    I requested for an additional officer to assist me in the investigation and detention of the suspects. Officer Mason arrived at my location and I continued with my investigation.
    I informed the women, I was placing them under arrest for possession of controlled substance.

    Search incident to arrest:
    After all three women were arrested, Mason and I conducted a search for more contraband. During the search, Mason located $522.00 in the purse belong to Graves.
    Transportation/ Booking:
    The women were transported to the Greensborough County Detention Center for violation of Health And Safety Code 11550 being under the influence of a controlled substance and Health and safety 11377(a) being in possession of controlled substance.
    The case is to be forwarded to the Greensborough D.A’s office for prosecution.

  2. Traquan Jackson

    At 3:15 a.m. I was dispatched to Gardenview Motel. The night manager heard loud screaming coming from room 107. One of the motel guests called the front desk to complain about the loud noise. When Price went to check the noise, he heard two woman screaming. Price returned to the front and called police.

    I arrived on scene at 3:28 a.m., I walked to room 107. I heard the screaming of two woman as I approached the door. I knocked and identified myself as a police officer. I stood outside room 107 until 3:34, when a woman ( Lynda Graves DOB 3/12/78) opens the door. I heard the sound of a toilet flushing.

    While inside the room, I saw two other woman sitting in chairs near the desk. A Ms. Dee Slenska (DOB 8/11/80) and Carlo Chakiris (DOB 2/5/80) were in the chairs. All three women had bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils.

    Graves walked towards the bathroom, and I order her to sit. Chakiris ran her hands across the top of the desk. I ordered her to stop. I observed a white powder and wiped it up with a tissue. I placed the tissue in a handkerchief, then placed it in my pocket. I went into the bathroom and saw a plastic bag floating in the toilet. I retrieved it.

    I called for backup. Officer Mason arrives. I searched Gaves and found $522 in cash in her purse. I did not find anything of interest on Slenska. Officer Mason searched Chakiris and finds nothing. I arrested the woman for controlled substance. I turned in the plastic bag and tissue to the evidence room.

  3. Jean Post author

    Another good report, Traquan – but the same past-tense verb problem I noted in your other report. Also: Be sure to learn woman/women. (It’s similar to man/men.)


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