Practice Writing a Report: Scenario 2

This is a corrections scenario. Write up this scenario as a report, and then click here to see how you did. (This is a Type 4 report: The officer initiates the action.)

At 8:15 a.m. on January 4, 2010, Officer Clint Walker #14256 was walking on the sidewalk in front of C Dorm. Walker saw inmate Charles Pandit R-23165 standing there while inmate Robert Sims R-11725 was going into the dorm. Pandit extended his leg to trip Sims. Sims didn’t see what Pandit did. Sims stumbled and dropped the soft drink he was carrying. Some of the liquid splashed on Pandit’s uniform.

Pandit turned to Sims, grabbed his left arm, and shouted, “You did that on purpose!”

Walker was standing about 5 yards behind Pandit and Sims. Walker told Pandit, “I saw what you did, and I’m  going to write a disciplinary report.” Walker radioed for assistance. When Officer Aoki arrived at C Dorm, he and Walker escorted Pandit to disciplinary confinement.


2 thoughts on “Practice Writing a Report: Scenario 2

  1. Daniel Jorge Acosta

    On January 4th 2010, at approximately 8:15am, I, Officer Clint WALKER (#14256) was patrolling on the side walk in front of C dorm. At this time I saw inmate Charles PANDIT (R-23165) standing while inmate Robert SIMS (R-11725) was entering the dorm with a soft drink in his hands. PANDIT extended his leg to trip SIMS, causing SIMS to spill his drink as some splashed on PANDIT’s uniform. I radioed for assistance and the Action taken was a disciplinary report . Officer Aokie (#1234) arrived at C dorm and he and I escorted PANDIT to disciplinary confinement.
    Report concl.


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