Quiz ANSWERS: Types of Reports


What kind of report would you write for the situations below? Number them 1, 2, 3, or 4. (Note: These are guidelines only. Situations vary and can be more complex than what’s described here.)

Type 3 a)  You’re called to a bar to stop a fight.

Type 1 b)  A citizen reports a stolen bicycle.

Type 3 c)  The manager of a convenience store says she’s caught a 14-year-old boy who stole a six-pack of beer.

Type 1 d)  A woman reports that her wallet was taken from her car while she was visiting a friend in the hospital.

Type 2 e)  A citizen comes home from work and realizes that someone broke into his house and stole his TV. (Presumably you’re going to look for the point of entry, take fingerprints, and find out of there are eyewitnesses.)

Type 4 f)  You stop a driver who went through a stop sign without stopping, and the driver fails a sobriety test.

Type 3 g)  A technician in an emergency room is assaulted by a patient.

Type 1 h)  In a correctional institution, you spot something shiny under a shrub near the chow hall; it’s a pocket knife half buried in the soil. (If you know who put the knife there and take disciplinary action, it’s a Type 4. If you simply report what you saw, it’s a Type 1.)

Type 4 i)  In a correctional institution, you search an inmate’s locker and find a small bottle of whiskey.

Type 3 j)  A driver reports that she just witnessed a head-on collision.

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