Think about Specific Details

Here’s a news report based on a police report. What details would need to be more specific in the actual report? (You do not need to  include the date, address, and the dog’s breed.) After you’ve made your list, scroll down to check your answers.

A dog attacked a police officer as responding to a disturbance Saturday, and the officer was forced to shoot.

The officer responded in reference to the report of a disturbance in progress. The officer made initial contact with a verbally hostile man later identified as 51-year-old John Doe.

The officer attempted to detain Doe in order to safely continue his investigation into the cause of the disturbance. While being handcuffed, Doe spun around and began to physically resist the officer’s lawful attempt to detain him. Both men went to the ground, and Doe continued to fight the officer. Doe’s dog also attacked the officer, biting his arm and holding on.

With one arm incapacitated by the attacking dog, the officer deployed his Taser in an attempt to subdue Doe, but in the struggle it appeared to be ineffective. A deputy arrived and was able to pull Doe off the officer and secure him in handcuffs. Doe’s dog continued to attack the officer, who was consequently forced to shoot the animal in order to get it to release its grip on his arm.

Further investigation revealed that Doe also appeared to have been the primary aggressor in the original altercation that generated the initial call. Doe was placed under arrest and transported to jail, where he was booked on the following charges and is currently being held on a total bond of $4,516.

Doe has been charged with one count of felony battery, misdemeanor battery, resisting an officer with violence and criminal mischief.

Here are the details that need to be more specific:

  • disturbance in progress (what was the suspect doing?)
  • the officer made initial contact (what did the officer say to Doe?)
  • with a verbally hostile man (what did he say?)
  • attempted to detain Doe (what did the officer do?)
  • began to physically resist (what did Doe do?)
  • in the struggle it appeared to be ineffective (how do you know?)
  • appeared to have been the primary aggressor (how do you know?)

The word details


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