Commas in Police Reports

Do you worry about commas? They’re not as tricky as you probably think. You can use commas confidently in almost any sentence by learning just three rules:

1.  Use a comma when a sentence starts with an extra idea:

Wilson had been drinking before he left for work that morning.  NO COMMA

Before he left for work that morning, Wilson had been drinking. COMMA

2.  Use a comma when you join two sentences with and or but:

I saw blood on the sleeve of Cameron’s shirt and called an ambulance. ONE SENTENCE – NO COMMA

I saw blood on the sleeve of Cameron’s shirt, and I called an ambulance.  TWO SENTENCES – COMMA REQUIRED

3.  Use two commas when you drop your voice and raise it again in a sentence:

Burton Memorial Park, which used to attract prostitutes and drug pushers, is now a safe place for children to play.

You can learn more about these comma rules by clicking here.

a red comma


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