The Brett Kavanaugh Police Report

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been under a great deal of scrutiny as Congress debates his nomination to the Supreme Court.

A police report from September 26, 1985 involving Judge Kavanaugh has come to light. Kavanaugh allegedly was involved in a dispute in a New Haven bar.

No one – including Brett Kavanaugh – was charged. You can read more about the incident at this link:

Here are a few excerpts from the report (you can read it here: I’ve followed each excerpt with a comment from me:

At the above date these officers responded to the above location in regards to an assault.

[From me: this sentence is unnecessary. It repeats the information the officer already recorded. Officers are busy!]

Upon our arrival we met Mr. Cozzolino, he stated that a very tall subject hit him in the ear with a glass.

[From me: Omit “Upon our arrival.” And “subject” isn’t precise. The person who was hit was male. The report should say so. Put a period after “Mr. Cozzolino.”]

He also stated that he was in a verbal altercation with an unknown male.

[From me: “verbal altercation” is too wordy. “Argument” is more clear.]

At 1:20 AM Det. Reynolds was notified of the incident.

[From me: I was pleased that the officer wrote this report in active voice. But passive voice crept in at the end – as it so often does. (Sigh.) Who notified Detective Reynolds? If you thought that fact was worth recording, you also need to say who did the notifying.]


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