The Gareon Conley Police Report

Gareon Conley is a former Ohio State cornerback who’s expected to be a first round pick. He has been named as a suspect in an alleged rape in a Cleveland hotel on April 9.

You can read the complete police report at this link. It is exceptionally well written. Sentences are short, objective, and free of jargon. There is no passive voice.The report uses everyday language.

Here are a few sentences that impressed me. Notice the use of “said” and “told” – normal words that should appear in every police report (rather than the annoying “advised” that so many officers use):

(The victim) said while they were in the bathroom she began to hear some commotion going on. At the same time, Conley asked (Redacted) it she wanted to have a foursome with the couple in the bathroom. She told Conley she wanted to watch the couple in the bathroom.  

This police report is worth reading. It could serve as a model for officers who are trying to improve their writing skills.



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